Les Echasses is before all, the accomplishment of Thomas’ 20-year old dream. A peaceful place outside the busy world, free, genuine, where the impression to be visiting friends is more important than hotel routines and conventions. A luxury ecoresort with a swimming pool, respectful to its surrounding nature and environment; the south west of France.

Familiar with the region from a very young age, himself a surfing fanatic, but before all in search of wild and wide spaces, the southern Landes and Aquitaine was an obvious choice for a project of this kind. The village Saubion itself actively supported this project, for it to finally flourish in July 2015.

Les Echasses is a good summary of what we prefer in our region. A place to celebrate life, culture, music and food. It has been thought of and built in an eco-friendly way by the Arotcharen studio. Its design and landscape make it a unique place, hearted in nature, which we hope will please all.

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Hand made

When we collect quinces, we make the jelly and the paste with these same fruits
When we play music, it is the albums we listen to.
When we select wine, it is a conviction in a winery that we bring to your table.

Our place has been designed and constructed just like that. Considering the architect and the landscapist as authors, as they immersed us in the surrounding nature. Leveraging design as a mean to an end not the other way around.

We have gathered know-how, cultures, craftsmanship and stories. Handpicking every object, table ware, fabric and furniture. Combining lights and shades, wood and tiles. With the idea that every detail counts and it’s the attention we bring to each of them that will make your stay unforgettable.
We have been honest with ourselves, true to what we believe in. We’ve decided to do things differently. As we like them. Thinking you’d like that.

We have been genuine and simple in every decision we’ve made. We have taken our time and will continue to do so, convinced that this will contribute to the peace and rest you’ve come a long way to find, with us.

We believe this will enable to create a unique experience. To build a genuine link between people, nature, and the environment.

Les Echasses were handmade…with our hands. The place thus adjusts to every guest, making your visit unique, personal, exclusive. We hope to create enough intimacy to suit your needs and enough distance to keep the magic.

This is our idea of luxury.

Thomas & Claire


Les Echasses benefited from the decisive contribution of a handful of business leaders and partners who brought their know-how, their expertise and their solutions. They have partnered personally and by their company in our project. Without them, The Stilts would not have emerged as they are today. Their help has been invaluable.