Restaurant & wine cellar

In the restaurant, we serve both organic breakfasts and a blend of little seasonal dishes. Let yourself be tempted by our selection of local products: fresh Ibaiona chopped ham, delicious Basque cheese, salad from the garden or local goat cheese and granola topped with our home honey are some of the snacks we propose. 100% organic.

We believe in quality, fresh products and local sourcing from Les Echasses itself as an ecolodge, from Saubion, its surrounding villages, Les Landes or the Basque country. The jams come straight from our orchard, honey from our bee hives and our vegetable garden is sustained by permaculture. The harbor next door provides fresh fish from the ocean. Et voilà, our idea of gastronomy: simple, qualitative and product orientated.

In accompaniment to these dishes, we have an exceptional selection of natural wines in our wine cellar. Every bottle has been cherry picked by a couple of friends who are wine makers themselves. Naturally vinified, old hand collected grapes and no chemicals are a few principles that have led the selection of our wine list. The big mass distributed Bordeaux labels are not to be expected.

Their selection has been guided by the imagination of finding yourself on a terrace, with occasional splashes on the water, as your taste buds encounter famous original tastes or typical cellars, or maybe discover new idyllic tastes, forgotten grapes, and ancestral wine making methods from all regions.