From the beginning Les Echasses were born from connections.
Connecting with the land first, with the forest around us. Hearted in nature.
Connecting talents, the architect, the landscapist and the designer who have created the place as it is today.
Connecting knowhows and craftmanship that bring a genuine touch to everything we offer Connecting with the world around us, music, art, literature.
Connecting with you, our guests who bring our project to life.

Les Echasses is a unique place, a 4* hotel & spa, a few miles away from Hossegor, the white sandy beaches from the Atlantic and equally close to some of the best golf courses in Europe.

The Hotel offers 9 accommodations. Seven 50 m2 « Modges » built on stilts and a 80 m2 Suite are surrounding the lake. Each with their own water fronting terraces enjoying absolute privacy. The last one is a 100m2 independent lodge designed for a family of 6.

As an Eco Lodge we have made a strong commitment to sustainability. Growing our own vegetables in permaculture mode, providing fruits from our orchard, coping honey from our beehives, sourcing meat, fish, cheese, eggs from local organic producers. This is what you should expect to find on your tables for breakfast but also for a diner if you decide to book a table at the restaurant Le Comptoir. Wine selection has followed the same logic, no pesticides, natural vinifications.

Water is a key component of the site. As a mirror to the light and the surrounding nature on the lake. As an immersive experience as you enjoy the 20m long pool. As a wellbeing moment as you dive into the outdoor Nordic bath.

Les Echasses should offer a step aside from the hectic world we live in. Swinging egg chairs overseeing the lake, a wide and quiet pool area, a luxury spa with sauna, Nordic bath and massage facilities.

We’ve created a place that should bring serenity and relaxation. Where you can choose to enjoy a romantic stay as well as an outdoor experience. Where wellbeing as sports can work hand in hand. There is a magic touch to it. An experience that we hope you will not forget and hopefully make you want to visit again.


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