You are keen to experience Les Echasses as a family, in a unique luxury accommodation or a total change of paradigm? The ecofriendly lodge with spa at Les Echasses should meet your expectations.

A 100m2 family wood and glass space, is divided into 2 bedrooms – a parents’ as well as a 4-kid bedroom – and a spacious living room that includes kitchen facilities allowing you to prepare and enjoy self-catered meals on site.

Situated on a private plot, the Lodge has its own terrace with outdoor furniture. Each room has an individual tone and design, with ultimate attention given to every detail to match the standard that characterizes the hotel. A congruent balance between locally sourced, modern wood furniture matching a carefully tailored setting.

You will also find walk-in showers, a Stuv wood stove, high speed internet through our optical fiber network, at your disposition. Additionally, the provided iPads will invite you to enjoy the playlist we have put together throughout inter-connected Sonos devices in the room.