Imagine a unique place in Aquitaine, a stay in luxury and eco-friendly resort, built on stilts overseeing the water and designed as couple suites; these are our wood and glass Modges.

You will discover exceptional rooms, each offering a unique blend of ideas and decorations where antique objects and furniture were handpicked in a generous 50 square meter space. Wood stoves, walk-in showers, private terraces on the water, king size beds…simple design, raw and preserved materials.

You will also discover a unique literature and music selection through synchronized ipads, at your disposition. Nature and serenity while you remain fully connected as every Modge offers high speed internet access through optical fiber network.

Revitalizing at Les Echasses means enjoying music through our hifi Sonos systems, as you swing on an egg chair in a cozy wool blanket, while sipping some organic wine. It also means drifting away in the oscillating water surface, facing the forest on the porch… a simple and zen idea of luxury.